Speech pathology and audiology are some of the fastest-growing career specialties in the nation. In Emerson College’s Communication Disorders (BS) program, you’ll have the opportunity to study the anatomical, structural, and biological basis of human communication.

As a student, you will participate in a range of elective and co-curricular experiences, including field experience, research opportunities, and community engagement at more than 100 schools, hospitals, and clinics in the Greater Boston area.

Graduates can build careers supporting people as they adapt to life after injury, helping children overcome learning and speech disabilities, teaching people to speak after a stroke, and more.

Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for a variety of exciting careers and graduate studies in fields, such as:

  • Audiology;
  • Speech-language pathology;
  • Education;
  • Psychology, and more.

You’ll also possess the knowledge and skills to find employment in educational and healthcare settings, such as:

  • Working as a paraprofessional to help children with disabilities in school settings;
  • Working as a preschool teacher;
  • Pursuing certification as a speech-language pathology assistant.


Learn from and work with top scholars and leaders in communication disorders. Our faculty strive for excellence and also support students as academic advisors.


You will observe and work with a variety of clinical populations on campus at our Robbins Speech, Language, and Hearing Center under the guidance of our expert and innovative faculty.

Communication Disorders majors may also partner with faculty to gain research experience in the cutting-edge CSD Research Suite through volunteer activities, work-study obligations, or through co-curricular credit.

Students participate in elective and co-curricular experiences at more than 100 schools, hospitals, and clinics in the Greater Boston area.