4+1 MA in Political Communication (MA)

The 4+1 MA in Political Communication program is an accelerated master’s track for current Emerson undergraduates that allows you to earn your master’s degree in just one additional year after completing your bachelor’s.

In this program, you’ll develop your skills in electoral politics and public diplomacy in local, national, and international politics, advocacy, and public affairs. You’ll learn to create and execute political, social advocacy, and public diplomacy campaigns. Finally, you’ll critically analyze key debates and issues of public and political communication, the communication essentials needed to run a campaign, and more.

Now more than ever, strategic communication professionals are essential to address the challenges of governmental, nonprofit, political, and advocacy organizations locally and globally. Our students are passionate about politics, social justice, and the ethics of communication in shaping politics and public opinion.

Benefits of the 4+1 Program

  • Accelerated Study: Students who are accepted to the program will be allowed to take master’s (600-level) classes during their senior year. These classes will be double-weighted, counting toward both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree. Students will complete up to three of the nine required courses before the end of the bachelor’s degree, allowing them to complete both the BA and the MA within five years.
  • Cost Savings: Any 600-level credits that you take while you are still registered for your bachelor’s degree will be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate. A maximum of 16 600-level credits can be double-counted and charged in this way. Assuming that you maintain your status as a full-time student, your financial aid will not be affected while you are still enrolled as an undergraduate student.
  • The Emerson Edge: The 4+1 format allows you to graduate with your master’s sooner and bring a competitive edge to the communication industry.