Curriculum and Requirements

Students are eligible to apply for the 4+1 program upon completion of their sophomore year.

The 4+1 will require students to take nine graduate-level courses (36 credits). Three designated courses will be taken during your senior year followed by the remaining six courses to be taken one year post-undergraduate graduation.

Students must complete all bachelor’s degree requirements plus the following three prerequisite graduate-level courses in their senior year:

  • CC 652 Emerging Communication Technology
  • CC 645 Public Opinion Research and Practice
  • CC 608 Public Affairs

These graduate courses are equivalent to and will replace three undergraduate courses. The undergraduate course equivalencies are as follows:

Graduate-Level Course: CC 652 Emerging Communication Technology

Undergraduate-Level Equivalent: CC 304 Strategic Digital Communication and CC 308 Online Content & Strategy or CC 360 Social Media and Politics

Graduate-Level Course: CC 645 Public Opinion Research & Practice

Undergraduate-Level Equivalent: CC 303 Public Opinion Research or CC 305 Communication Research Methods

Graduate-Level Course: CC 608 Public Affairs

Undergraduate-Level Equivalent: CC 361 Public Diplomacy

Global Connections

Emerson’s faculty and alumni span the globe, allowing you exclusive access to our professional networks. Students interested in international relations and European politics can study for a term in cities like Sydney, Barcelona, and Lisbon. Additionally, you will have opportunities to present research at national and global conferences.

Internships and Careers

Our approach to practical learning experiences ensures graduates complete this program with the skills needed to advance their careers. Career paths you can pursue post-graduation include:

  • Campaign managers
  • Speechwriters
  • Pollsters
  • Event managers
  • NGO advocates
  • Social media content managers
  • Public relations strategists
  • Digital strategy managers

Graduate Admission

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