Global BFA in Film Art


Through a groundbreaking partnership with Paris College of Art (PCA), students may apply for an opportunity to study the art of film in the City of Light itself. Our innovative, intercontinental joint BFA degree program in Film Art draws on the expertise and reputations of both Paris College of Art and Emerson College, and spans locations in Paris, the Netherlands, and Boston. In this one-of-a-kind program, you will benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework. You will combine skill sets from the fine art and filmmaking worlds to create everything from independent and experimental films to gallery installations, web series, and public media art.

Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises


In this dual-degree program, you will spend the first two years of your undergraduate experience in Lugano at Franklin University Switzerland, taking liberal arts and foundation courses, and your final two years at Emerson, completing a professional major in the Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE). Emerson’s BCE program teaches the art of business so that you graduate with the versatility to become a leader in the ever-growing creative industry. The undergraduate program at Franklin University, known for its immersive experiential learning program, gives students a high-quality liberal arts education with an international focus and distinctive academic travel courses.

Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises


In partnership with the International College of Management, Sydney, Emerson is offering a Business of Creative Enterprises–inspired program that is eminently global and takes full advantage of the resources and premium locations offered by both institutions. Through this program, you will be able to spend full semesters and summers in Sydney, Boston, and Los Angeles, taking classes with top faculty in business, management, and the creative industries, while becoming immersed in the life of companies and organizations from Australia and the US through intensive internship programs.

Global Pathways

Emerson’s Global Pathways programs allow you to utilize a summer or intersession to explore a different country, earn course credits, gain a global perspective, and apply your classroom learning to a real-world context. Led by faculty from multiple departments and exploring topics such as screenwriting, public diplomacy, theater, art history, travel writing, film production, comedic studies, and digital marketing, there is a Global Pathways Program for every student. Program dates and availability vary, but all Global Pathways aim to incorporate cultural experiences that enhance your education and engage your curiosity.

Barcelona: Art, Theatre, and Culture

This month-long program offers students the opportunity to study visual art and theater while experiencing Barcelona’s unique Mediterranean culture. You will attend select performances at the Grec Festival de Barcelona, featuring theater, music, and dance from a range of international companies in more than 35 venues around the city. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore many of the city’s famous museums and galleries, informed by instructors’ presentations on the works you are seeing.

Stockholm: Sweden's Globally Influential Creative Economy

While they are often seen as a product of American companies such as Apple, Levi’s, or Disney, the creative industries are, in reality, global in scope. This month-long program seeks to engage you with world-class brands and businesses centered in the Nordic city of Stockholm, Sweden. Through company visits, guest lectures, and guided discussion, you will engage firsthand with key creative industries such as music streaming, fashion, and design, and compare international business approaches to those in the US.

More Global Pathways and Education Abroad Programs

Here are more Emerson-sponsored academic opportunities throughout the United States and the world. Want to explore further? You may also elect to study abroad with non-affiliated international education abroad programs.

  • Athens, Greece: Cities and Citizenry
  • Australia: Global Perspectives on Public Relations; Global Public Relations, Politics, and Sports Communication Seminar
  • Berlin: Metropolis in Motion
  • Ireland: Writing Place and Distance
  • London: From Shakespeare to Stand-Up
  • Mexico: Rosarito Public Diplomacy Workshop
  • Montreal: Emerson Documentary Lab
  • The Netherlands: Art into Film; The Role of the Portrait and Self-Portrait; Travel Writing; James Baldwin Writers’ Colony; Intensive Theater Lab in Devising
  • Paris: French Language and Global Communication
  • Patmos, Greece: Screenwriters’ Lab in Patmos
  • Prague: Prague Summer Film Program
  • Quito: Integrating Marketing and Sustainable Tourism: Choco Region and Galápagos Islands
  • Salzburg: Creativity, Media, and Global Change
  • Santiago: Contemporary Performance and International Festival Production
  • Valencia, Spain: Collaborative program with Berklee College of Music
  • Washington, DC: Semester-long internship program
  • Exchange programs in Barcelona and Hong Kong