Chart a course through one of our hands-on academic programs designed to help you apply your talents and express your ideas, or design your own faculty-guided major to pursue a niche you’re passionate about. No matter what you choose, our multifaceted liberal arts curriculum will strengthen and inform your course of study, contextualizing your work in the forces that impact your world—and teaching you how to use your voice to influence them.

Business of Creative Enterprises (BA)

Business of Creative Enterprises | Global BA in the Business of Creative Enterprises (Australia)* | Global BA in the Business of Creative Enterprises (Switzerland)*

Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) is a distinctive major, integrating Emerson’s strong foundation in communication and the arts to help students prepare to be leaders and managers in the creative economy. The program draws its faculty and courses from the departments of Marketing Communication; Visual and Media Arts; Performing Arts; Communication Studies; and Writing, Literature and Publishing. You will receive real-world training and work with industry leaders to develop your unique creative voice and business acumen in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our partnership with various Boston companies will bring added value to your four-year experience.

You can also choose to spend a semester at our Los Angeles campus and take advantage of a broad range of internships with studios, production companies, publication agencies, and startups. For information on our BCE programs in Sydney, Australia, and Lugano, Switzerland, see the Think Globally section. *Not available to transfer students

Comedic Arts (BFA)

Preparing you for a career in comedy performance, writing, and production, your courses in Comedic Arts will be grounded in the history and theory of comedy and expose you to both historical and modern comedic methods. The curriculum includes a concentration of practical experiential learning and a capstone project in an area of your interest. You may also have the opportunity to participate in a directed study or project in comedy and work with faculty on a production, writing, or performance project that extends beyond your major coursework.

Communication Disorders (BS)

Emerson’s proximity to Boston’s world-class healthcare industry and diverse schools makes it an exceptional choice for students pursuing a career in the fast-growing fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. Through a pre-professional curriculum, you will study the biological, developmental, and behavioral bases of speech, language, and hearing. You will also be exposed to the full breadth of individuals with communication challenges, including those associated with early childhood, aging, or injury. Several options exist for (elective) field placements in the community (e.g., public schools). The Robbins Speech, Language, and Hearing Center housed on campus gives students the chance to earn observation hours, gain volunteer experience, and interact with clinical supervisors and graduate students.

Communication Studies (BA, BS)

Communication Studies | Global BA in International and Political Communication (Switzerland)* | Political Communication | Public Relations | Sports Communication

Communication Studies at Emerson will give you the expertise, agility, and self-assurance you need to navigate a rapidly changing and increasingly global communication landscape in a variety of fields. Through projects and internships, you will sharpen your talents in creative thinking, collaborative team-building, and effective writing and public speaking. Tailoring your message and tools for different audiences, you will apply what you’ve learned in diverse settings such as large companies, sports organizations, and nonprofits and also in specialties such as public relations and public diplomacy.

Among our exceptional faculty are Fulbright scholars, sports franchise executives, consultants to federal agencies, and broadcasters and experts at top news organizations, who will serve as incredible mentors to you during your time at Emerson and beyond. For information on our Global BA in International and Political Communication, see the Think Globally section.

*Not available to transfer students

Interdisciplinary Studies (BA, BS)

In this program within the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, you will pursue your own self-designed major based on your specific academic interests, combining liberal arts courses with courses from other departments. You will learn to form and communicate critical ideas and collaborate with a diverse community of creative peers. Your experience will culminate with a final project centered on a coherent idea or solution to a problem that sparks your interest.

Just a few past examples include: Global Activism and Advocacy; Photojournalism and Magazine Writing; Music Production and Social Marketing; Politics, Performance, and Social Advocacy; Film and Advertising; and Investigative Theater for Social Change.

Journalism (BS)

Journalists do more than simply break news—they are central to advancing an informed and forward-thinking society. In this major, you are engaged in a multimedia curriculum that positions students to assume an array of roles in the field. We combine the best in technology and tradition, making you a versatile journalist who is prepared to report stories in words, images, and sounds on any digital or print platform. You will have direct access to the latest technologies to put your learning into practice. Working for campus, city, and national media, our students go wherever the story is breaking—whether in a Boston neighborhood, on the campaign trail in Iowa, or at the Olympics.

Alumni go on to achieve success as award-winning journalists and in influential roles in many other fields.

Marketing Communication (BS)

In today’s competitive economy, successful marketers rely on proven tools, including communication theory, market research, analytical skills, and business strategy to understand audiences and move them to action. These are skills you will develop in the Marketing Communication major, which prepares students to serve agencies, corporations, and nonprofits. You will learn how to develop and integrate high-impact external communication, such as advertising and social media, with internal communication that motivates employees to carry out organizational vision. Through team projects, internships, and co-curricular activities, you will apply business expertise and industry best practices to solve real-world communication challenges, while also building your portfolio.

Performing Arts (BFA)

Acting* | Musical Theatre | Stage and Production Management | Stage and Screen Design/Technology* | Theatre | Theatre and Performance | Theatre Design/Technology | Theatre Education | Theatre Education and Performance

As a Performing Arts student, you gain practical experience in your craft through classroom projects, staged readings, workshops, forums with master artists, and fully staged projects. Emerson’s professional-grade production facilities and theater spaces set the stage for renowned performers and productions, including international, national, and local theater companies that visit Boston through ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage—and you will have opportunities to interact with and learn from all of them. The faculty and alumni in our tightly knit theater community—who have strong roots in Boston, New York, and other theater capitals—will help you find your way in the profession.

*Theatre and Performance majors may apply to Acting, and Theatre Design/Technology majors may apply to Stage and Screen Design/Technology after beginning their studies at Emerson.

Visual and Media Arts (BA, BFA)

Global BFA in Film Art (Paris)* Media Studies Media Arts Production** With Specializations in: Animation and Motion Media Cinematography/Videography Directing Narrative Fiction Documentary Production Experimental Media Production Filmmaking Interactive Media and Games Photography Post-Production Producing Sound Design/Audio Post-Production Studio TV Production Writing for Film and Television

In the Visual and Media Arts program, you will be immersed in a wide range of media forms and production techniques and will gain the skills you need to be an effective storyteller in your chosen medium. Your professors include award-winning filmmakers, artists, designers, and scholars who take an active role in your success and encourage you to explore your creativity and challenge political, cultural, and aesthetic conventions. Along the way, you will learn about rapidly evolving technology, distribution formats, and modes of expression and how it all influences your field. You will emerge with the knowledge, technical skills, and confidence to pursue a career in media. For information on our Global BFA in Film Art, see the Think Globally section. *Not available to transfer students **Media Arts Production (BA) majors can choose to pursue a BFA starting their junior year.

Writing, Literature and Publishing (BA, BFA)

Creative Writing | Writing, Literature and Publishing

Both of these majors prepare you to succeed in an exciting and evolving industry, educating you in the technological advances that are influencing methods for how we share the written word. You will explore different genres and analyze how writers speak through their works of literature. Our supportive and challenging workshop setting will help you develop your own voice, become adept at writing for digital and print platforms, and learn how to structure and craft your stories so they move your audience. You will also learn about the business of publishing, with courses and internships at some of the country’s best publishing houses, including headquarters located right here in Boston.


Applied Minors

Business Studies for Communication and the Arts Comedy Writing and Performance Dance Dramatic Writing Entrepreneurial Studies Esports Communication Fiction Hearing and Deafness Individually Designed Minor Journalism Leadership and Management Marketing Communication Media Studies Narrative Nonfiction Nonprofit Communication Photography Podcasting, Radio, and Streaming Media Poetry Political Communication Political Polling Pre-law Public Diplomacy

Public Relations Publishing Sports Communication Writing

Liberal Arts Minors

African American and Africana Studies Art History Digital Media and Culture Economics

Environmental Studies

Global and Postcolonial Studies Health and Society History Latin American and Latinx Studies Literature Music History and Culture Peace and Social Justice Philosophy Political Science Psychoanalysis as Cultural Criticism Psychology Religion Science Sociology/Anthropology Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Honors Program

The Honors Program is an intellectual and creative community that provides a four-year, interdisciplinary, collaborative learning experience for incoming students. It supplements major study with a challenging liberal arts curriculum composed of interdisciplinary seminars, collaborative research projects, and faculty-directed independent study. Selection to the program is competitive, and only first-year students (in any major, other than Interdisciplinary Studies, the Global BFA in Film Art, the Global BA in International and Political Communication, or the BCE programs in Australia and Switzerland) applying for fall admission are eligible.