When you become an Emerson student, it means you are ready to break boundaries. To move the world forward with your talent, vision, and drive. Whether your passion is radio, film, theater, communication sciences, marketing, the business of creative enterprises, or an uncharted path in communication and the arts you’re prepared to trailblaze, you find a way to be heard, be seen, inspire, and uplift others. In short, you’re ready to change the world.

At Emerson, we believe expression is necessary to evolution. Our community is a creative force of passionate spirits and independent minds who aren’t afraid to express daring ideas. Collaboration and innovation live at the heart of everything we do, and this philosophy applies inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you’re hosting a radio show or directing a short film; writing an op-ed in the Berkeley Beacon or earning a byline in a special issue of The Boston Globe Magazine; creating a business plan or thought-provoking ad campaign with your marketing class; performing in an Emerson Stage production or broadcasting from the sidelines of a Worcester Red Sox game; directing therapy in a clinical setting or helping others communicate fully in any space—we want you to do what you were born to do.

Here, you’ll learn to create extraordinary work and share it with the world. We’ll provide you with the unparalleled education, state-of-the-art resources, and cutting-edge facilities to master your craft—and a family of fellow creatives who will support you along the way. Guided by dedicated faculty and propelled by an alumni network that will open doors for you long after your college career, you will cultivate relationships that last a lifetime.

Because becoming an Emersonian means so much more than choosing a college—it means joining a creative force.