Every basic interaction depends on the ability to communicate effectively. Guided by Emerson’s dedicated faculty experts, you will learn to help people overcome challenges associated with speech, language, and other communication disorders. Your coursework will combine classroom learning with clinical observations through our on-campus Robbins Center, which provides evaluation and treatment services for children and adults with communication disorders and differences, and clinical fieldwork at any of more than 100 clinical sites in the Greater Boston area.

You will also have the opportunity to volunteer or complete a non-tuition credit at the FACE Lab, our research lab dedicated to understanding how children and adolescents on the autism spectrum perceive and produce nonverbal cues.



Communication Studies

From corporate identity to electoral and advocacy campaigns, on social media or in face-to-face negotiations, communication skills are instrumental to success. Communication Studies will provide you with the broad-based understanding of the role that communication plays and how to communicate strategically in a number of different professions, like healthcare advocacy, human resources management, and consumer rights.

Political Communication

This major will prepare you for a career as a communication advisor, press secretary, government relations officer, nonprofit leader, or cultural affairs advocate, among many other professions. In your coursework, you will explore issues and sharpen skills related to leadership, politics, and social advocacy.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations program will teach you to excel in communication and storytelling in an ever-changing and complex global environment. You will partake in local, national, and global campaigns and PR projects; develop messages targeted to specific audiences and strategies to compete in the marketplace; and learn to think critically, creatively, and independently.

Sports Communication

Prepare for a wide array of careers in the sports industry by learning the most important skill for success: strategic communication. This curriculum is designed with a digital focus, covering topics such as data analytics, social media, web design, and mobile communication; and your courses will be continuously evolving based on industry trends, such as esports and gaming entertainment, fantasy sports, crisis management, sports PR, and sports communication.