In a partnership between Emerson College and Franklin University Switzerland, students have the unparalleled opportunity to pursue one of two unique global programs: a Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises or a Global BA in International and Political Communication. Those who complete either of these dual-degree programs will earn both an associate’s degree from Franklin and a bachelor’s degree from Emerson.

The academic partnership between Emerson and Franklin is grounded in a mutual understanding and appreciation for both the liberal arts and a global experience. Franklin is a four-year American-style liberal arts university, well known for its immersive experiential learning program. Your studies at Franklin will set you up for academic success at Emerson, allowing you to pursue your studies through a global lens.

You will apply to and spend your first two years in Lugano, Switzerland, and final two years in Boston, benefitting from the strengths and expertise of both schools. During your time at Franklin, you’ll take liberal arts and foundational courses, travel to other cities as part of your curriculum, and earn an associate’s degree. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and situated on its namesake lake, Lugano is not only breathtaking, but it is also the ideal home base for the Franklin experience: a high-quality liberal arts education and an exploration of the world and its people.