Do you dream of a dynamic career on the business side of entertainment? Are your idols driving strategy at Spotify, signing artists at Sony Music Entertainment, leading production at DreamWorks Studios, or bringing new ideas to the boardrooms of Viacom and MTV? Are you obsessed with record label news, entertainment media, lifestyle brands, pop culture, and content creators from around the globe? Are you ready for an international adventure?

Our Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia is not your average business program. It captures the unique fusion of the arts and business—and takes you across two continents and three major cities. In this accelerated-degree program, you will gain invaluable international exposure to the world of business in the fields that inspire you most. You’ll study with expert faculty at two leading institutions (International College of Management, Sydney, and Emerson College) across Sydney, Boston, and Los Angeles. Finally, you’ll develop the skills and savvy required to lead the future of entertainment.