A Global Approach to Business

The learning environment of the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia will help you learn to approach business with a creative and global mindset, allowing you to be flexible and adapt to virtually any business environment.

During your time in this program, you will spend:

  • Two academic years in Australia. ICMS is a highly regarded, accredited institution focusing on business, management, and marketing. It draws an international pool of students and offers strong internship and professional placement opportunities. Here, you’ll study a range of exciting and contemporary business topics such as fashion, sport, economics, finance, accounting, international tourism, hospitality, event management, and more.
  • Four summers and one semester in Boston. In a city that’s a hotspot for entrepreneurs and startups, you’ll work alongside experienced faculty and students who share your passion for business. You’ll learn to develop strategies and programs, identify cultural trends, tap into new markets, analyze financial statements, and assess risk.
  • A semester in Los Angeles. Emerson’s West Coast home on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles provides you with the opportunity to complete an internship in your desired field. Because Emerson Los Angeles is located in the heart of Hollywood—and has a strong, well-connected alumni network—students have hundreds of internship opportunities with industry leaders from which to choose. You will work closely with your faculty to apply to the program for a senior semester experience at this stunning location.