Emerson Forensics, the College's public discussion and debate team

“Emerson College was founded not on what is but what could be—the limitless possibilities of the human imagination.”


For 140 years, Emersonians have pushed the boundaries of human expression with their creativity and talent. As individuals and as a community, we transform the way people think, revolutionize the way people interact, and advance ideas that change the world. Emerson students use their voices to move their industries forward every day—from producing radio shows, directing short films, writing magazine features, and devising business plans to performing improv comedy, publishing poetry journals, teaching children to speak confidently, and launching viral advertising campaigns.

Today, this academic community of unique focus yet astounding breadth prepares young minds to thrive in these times. Minds that think with rigor and personal insight, act according to values we hold dear, harness evolving technologies, sort out fads from enduring trends, and become the influencers who shape our world.

As a College, we are dedicated to giving these minds the resources they need to amplify their voices and to become their own creative force. Supporting our students is what drives us to constantly innovate and evolve. We are not only proud of where Emerson is today—we are also energized by the remarkable things that are in progress for the future.