Today’s world is on media overload. Hundreds of TV channels are available 24/7. Social media follows us everywhere—on our phones, our tablets, our computers, in conversation. With this in-your-face exposure, we’re all affected by media’s all-consuming presence and far-reaching psychological impact. As a result, the world needs experts who can decipher and guide media’s impact on our lives, our society, and our world.


of Americans report social media use as part of their daily activities.


of Americans aged 18­-49 own a cell phone of some kind.

Emerson College has pioneered an undergraduate program that trains students to become these much-needed experts: our Bachelor of Science in Media Psychology.

This program is one of a kind, intersecting psychology, media, and technology. When you pursue a degree in this fascinating field, you’ll explore cutting-edge ideas with real-world applications as you:

  • Analyze the psychological and social impacts of media and technology on individuals and groups;
  • Learn to integrate media psychology into arts and communication fields;
  • Use media and technology effectively, sensitively, and inclusively to engage locally and globally.
“The specialty of media psychology flows from applying understood theories in psychology to the use of pictures, graphics, and sound in any form of communications technology. Media psychology is the interface between the human experience and all forms of media.”

Bernard J. Luskin, EdD, MFT