Choosing only 13 Emersonians to include on this special deck of cards was nearly impossible, but since so many of our alumni, faculty, and staff are making headlines and forming modern history every day, we thought you’d enjoy a look back into the history of Emerson. The people featured on each card are just some of the trailblazers of Emerson’s past and present, but they each have left their own indelible mark on our College history, leading the way for future generations and helping transform Emerson into the place it is today. We hope you enjoy this special gift and that it brings you joy, some quarantine-friendly entertainment, and the opportunity to learn more about the institution we love so much. May it inspire you to make your own mark on history—not just at Emerson, but in your community and around the world.

Illustrations by Monica Chu

Special thanks to Emerson Archives and Special Collections