Learn the art of teaching—and the teaching of art—with Emerson’s MFA in Theatre Education and Applied Theatre. You will explore the transformative power of theatre artistry and how it can be used to positively impact communities, both inside and outside the classroom, while earning a terminal degree in the field of theatre education. Incoming Emerson graduate students and alumni of Emerson’s Theatre Education Master of Arts (MA) program are eligible to apply to the MFA program.*

Coursework integrates theory and reflective practice and gives you the chance to:

  • Study among other theatre artists in an applied theatre environment.

  • Gain holistic and hands-on experience in the art of theatre, the principles of teaching, and the practices of applied drama and theatre.
  • Teach at the collegiate level post-grad.

World-Renowned Faculty

As you cultivate your own talent, you will work hand in hand with your professors—distinguished directors, producers, writers, actors, performance artists, and educators—who have national and international experience. Theatre Education and Applied Theatre faculty members serve as not only your teachers, but also as your professional mentors and peers.

Qualitative Research

As an MFA student, you will participatein a Qualitative Research course that will introduce you to the various approaches used in designing and conducting arts-based qualitative research projects in educational, artistic, and community settings. You will gain hands-on experience in various qualitative methods, analysis techniques, and writing exercises, while formulating a research project related to your area of interest.

* For students applying to both the MA and MFA with their initial application to Emerson, it is possible to be admitted to the MA only to start and then have the opportunity to reapply to the MFA during the final year of the MA.