For completion of the MFA degree, students are required to complete a thesis project, which may incorporate data and previous findings from your Qualitative Research class.


During the final year of the MFA, you will complete two required, 0-credit colloquia courses. Colloquia courses are held at the start of each semester (fall and spring). The colloquia courses are designed to introduce and explore the social justice focus of the MFA program, establish the goals of each MFA candidate, introduce you to professional conferences, and prepare you for the possibility of publishing your work.


Full MA/MFA Curriculum (48 Credits)

Below you will find a full curriculum breakdown for both the MA and MFA degree programs. To complete the MFA degree, you must first complete the MA degree at Emerson.

Track 1: Theatre Educator

Prepares students to teach theatre and drama to students in public and private schools, universities, and other institutional settings.

Foundations: 12

Credits/3 Courses:

Drama as Education I

Drama as Education II

Theatre and Community: Stories of Us

Track 2: Theatre and Community

Prepares students for theatre work in community settings.

Foundations: 12

Credits/3 Courses:

Theatre and Community: Stories of Us

Community Engagement from the Stage

Drama as Education I

Core for both tracks:

12 credits/3 courses:




Dramatic Literature/Theatre History

Theatre Design/Technology

Capstone Requirement (4 credits)

Master’s Project or Thesis OR Student Teaching, Practicum, and Seminar (Theatre Educator track only)

Electives (8 credits/2 courses)

Emerson Alumni (12 Credits)

You will build off of your existing Emerson MA in Theatre Education to complete the MFA with the 12 credits listed below. The MFA will be a separate degree from your existing MA degree.

MFA Courses:

Advanced Studio or Theory (4 credits)

Qualitative Research (4 credits)

Colloquium (0 credit, required course)

MFA Thesis (4 credits)

Global Connections

Emerson Stage

  • Students can audition for productions and also potentially participate as dramaturgs and assistant/associate directors with the producing arm of the Department of Performing Arts for Emerson Stage productions.

Internships and Jobs

  • Students go on to intern and work at local and national community organizations and theatres such as:

○ ArtsEmerson

○ American Repertory Theater

○ Company One

○ Seattle Children’s Theatre

○ Boston Children’s Museum

Graduate Admission

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