Become an expert at building targeted marketing strategies to effectively communicate between consumers and the brands they choose with Emerson’s Strategic Marketing Communication master’s program.

As a student in the Strategic Marketing Communication master’s program, you will:

  • Become a marketing communication professional who is a great storyteller and innovative problem solver and who can command today’s tools and technology while seamlessly adapting to those of tomorrow.
  • Learn to create cohesive communication plans for a business with positioning that resonates with its customers.
  • Develop a deep knowledge of evolving strategies and media that can be used together to tell the stories of organizations operating in a global marketplace.
  • Conduct research and analyze data to identify marketing challenges and opportunities.
  • Hone your creative thinking and analytical abilities in order to predict and respond to market opportunities through a broad array of professional skills including branding, strategic planning, digital marketing, and analytics.

Through our 5+5 curriculum—5 required courses plus 5 electives—learn industry principles and how to combine research, strategy, and creativity to form a customer-centric strategic marketing plan and integrated marketing campaigns. Following the core courses, craft an individualized program of study or follow one of three Professional Paths.

Program Curriculum

5 Required Core Courses (20 credits)

  • Principles of Strategic Marketing Communication (4 credits)
  • Marketing/Brand Management (4 credits)
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (4 credits)
  • Behavioral Economics (4 credits)
  • Professional Applied Experience in Strategic Marketing Communication (4 credits)

5 Electives (20 credits)

Tailor your learning to your career goals by creating your own individualized program or choosing from three Professional Paths:

Strategic Planning

This path focuses on planning and managing strategic marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Recommended Courses (4 credits each) Market Research and Account Planning Managing Investments in Marketing Market Planning: Customers, Companies, Collaborators Strategic Planning and Market Communication Integrated Strategy

Digital Strategy

This path focuses on digital marketing, digital design, analytics, and strategy.

Recommended Courses (4 credits each) Digital Marketing Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Models Content Marketing User Experience Design Civic Media Design Studio I

Brand Strategy

This path focuses on branding, brand strategy, storytelling, and developing brand assets.

Recommended Courses (4 credits each) Market Research and Account Planning Creative Writing and Storytelling Advertising and Sales Promotion Design Strategies in Communication Global Cultures: Anthropology and Sociology